Tune into Jim Zoppo's Garden Show

Sunday's at 8am: LIVE at the nursery or via 920 WHJJ and WBNW AM 1120 and FM 102.9 in Concord and Boston, and 104.7 FM in RI.

Call Toll-Free #866-920-9455

Sunday mornings 8am-10am EST


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American Landscape Preferred Partners

Here at American Landscape we offer the safest in Organic Products for people, plants, and animals. We also have great sponsors on the Jim Zoppo American landscape Radio Network. Below are some of our preferred vendors.




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Learn More About Our In Stock Bagged Products 

We carry a variety of products from Valfei and Green Mountain Compost that are safe for people, pets, & mother earth. Click the images below to learn more about each of the products we carry. 

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    Made of 100% cedar, decorative and aromatic, retains soil moisture, repels insects, controls weeds long lasting.
  • hemlock-mulch.jpg
    Natural Hemlock Mulch made of 100% Hemlock, reduces erosion, adds nutrients to soil, brick-red color provides a beautiful contrast to lawns and shrub foliage.
  • pine-mulch.jpg
    Made of 100% Poine, provides moisture retention, soil conditioning and weed prevention. Pine mulch breaks down reasonably fast improving the organic content of the soil.
  • Sac09-PeatMoss-low.jpg
    Absorbs and retains water, aerates and protects soils, keeps nutrients in or added to the soil, makes better compost (speeds the composting process and reduces odors), natural and organic soil conditioner.
“For more than 20 years I have sat in studios, disconnected from both people and plants trying to remotely diagnose lawn and gardening problems based on descriptions from afar,” says Zoppo. “American Landscape is changing all of that. Utilizing the lush environment of the greenhouse at Sharon View Nursery, we are giving the listener a destination to come and watch the show, ask questions and present their gardening problems for better and more entertaining advice."

Jim Zoppo American Landscape

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Garden Ornaments

American Landscape at Sharonview Nursery offers signed original works of Art by both international and local artists. Our unique mixture of handcrafted ceramics will please for years to come. 

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Plants, Trees, Shrubs, and More

Explore our no-hassle environment and view for yourself the wide selection of mature and unusual landscape plant material grown to ensure hardiness and suitability. 

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"Our professional team is conservation sensitive, and agressively pursues environmentally friendly answers to landscape challenges. We stand alone in garden renovation by incorporating water features, masonry, lighting, and quality plant material from our nursery. Simply put: we'll transform the ordinary to extraordinary"

John Roby American Landscape

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