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The Nursery

American Landscape at Sharon View Nursery is a boutique garden center specializing in environmentally conscious solutions for your home and garden. Jim Zoppo broadcasts his American Landscape Radio Show live each week from the nursery. Come discover the ultimate horticultural experience in a park like setting where hundreds of rare and mature specimens are grown on the premises. 

American Landscape

American Landscape recently underwent a huge garden center renovation and now has one of the most technologically advanced greenhouses in the New England area with more than 4,000 square feet of 300+ species of plants, trees, and shrubs. The staff possesses diverse knowledge of topics including architecture, the environment, outdoor living, farming, nutrition, health, and wellness. 

Landscape Services

Jim Zoppo is available for on-site consultations by appointment to advise on all landscape and gardening needs. Make sure your gardens are ready for this season.


Our professional team is conservation sensitive, and aggressively pursues environmentally friendly answers to landscapes challenges. We stand alone in garden renovation by incorporating water features, masonry, lighting, and quality plant material from our nursery. Simply put: we’ll transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

Jim's consultation appointments can be made:

By Phone: (617)-719-3780

or by e-mail:

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management voted to kill 44,000 of the 67,000 total wild horses in the country to make room for more beef cattle last Friday.


The vote came two months after beef industry representatives testified on Capitol Hill, demanding that the agency kill all 44,000 wild horses currently held captive in BLM holding facilities and round-up the majority of the rest for sterilization.

Please speak up – send comments to the Advisory Board ASAP at this address:

Contact Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel, and the Director and the Division Chief of the BLM:

Dean Bolstad, Division Chief

Neil Kornze, Director of the BLM

Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior


You can email the bloody-minded Advisory Board individually as well:

June Sewing:

Fred Woehl:

Robert Cope:

Julie Weikle:

Sue McDonnell:

Steven Yardley:

Ben Masters:


and you can thank Ginger Kathrens for standing strong in the face of such complete and utter disregard for the interests of our wild horses and burros:


Then write your Congressmen and Senators and the White House:

If you missed last Sunday's live show, you can always listen at your own convenience during the following week. 

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Jim Zoppo's Audio Blog

Jim Zoppo is a pioneer in organic gardening methods and is a popular radio host for 25 years with his own radio talk show called "Jim Zoppo's American Landscape" which runs on major stations in Rhode Island and Boston. He also works with print media to promote such publications as 'People Places and Plants', 'Mother Earth News' and 'Organic Gardening'.

See the Radio Show page for more information on Jim Zoppo's American Landscape weekly Sunday 9 am - 10 am live radio shows. 

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