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Basalt Pavers:
Basalt Paving Stones are designed for walkways, driveways, and other flat walking surfaces. Available in custom shapes, sizes, thickness, and finishes, Basalt Paving Stones can add beauty and functionality to your commercial or residential project.
  • (top flamed 4 sides natural cleft) 4 feet x 1 feet 7 inch
  • (top flamed 4 sides natural cleft) 6 feet x 1 feet 7 inch
  • (top flamed 4 sides natural cleft) 4 feet x 1 feet 5 inch
  • (top flamed 4 sides natural cleft) 6 feet x 1 feet 5 inch
ADC Photo 2021.02.14 3.JPG
Basalt Pavers1.JPG
ADC Photo 2021.02.14 2.JPG
Basalt Cobbles:
Basalt Cobblestone is obtained by mining Basalt from a Volcano. It has a high blast resistance, but is not immune to TNT. When smelted in a Furnace it will become normal Basalt, which can be crafted into Basalt Bricks. It is mainly used for house decorations and structures due to its creeper-resistant properties.
  • 100*100 mm 50 mm
Basalt Cobbles3.JPG
Basalt Cobbles2.JPG
Basalt Cobbles1.JPG
Basalt Steppingstone:
Basalt Split Stepping Stone is a machine split, natural stone used for pathways and patios. It is mostly blueish grey with some brown and taupe variations. As a result of the splitting process, a more consistent blue grey tone is achieved in comparison to a natural top stepping stone.
  • flamed 2 feet x 1.5 feet 30 mm
Basalt Stepping Stones2.JPG
Basalt Stepping Stones 3.JPG
Basalt Stepping Stones1.JPG
Basalt Honed Tiles:
Simply put, honed means that a stone's surface has been ground down slightly to achieve a consistent, smooth texture and flat, matte finish. Other stones have an inconsistent, bumpy or ridged surface, and honing grinds those down to create a uniform texture. As a result of this process, honed tile or slab is not shiny.
  • 2 feet x 2 feet 30 mm
Basalt Honed Tiles 3.JPG
Basalt Honed Tiles 2.JPG
Basalt Honed Tiles 1.JPG
Pebbles White - Random
Polished Pebbles feature soft tones of white and cream, with soft random tonal veins, inherent in natural marble.
Pebbles White Random 1.JPG
Pebbles White Random 2.JPG
Pebbles White Random 3.JPG
Pebbles Yellow - Random
Polished Pebbles bring warmth and character to exterior landscaping projects and features.
Pebbles Yellow Random 2.JPG
Pebbles Yellow Random 3.JPG
Pebbles Yellow Random 1.JPG
Pebbles Grey - Random
Lovely Grey Pebbles feature gray hues, with all the character of natural beach pebbles.
Pebbles Grey Random 1.JPG
Pebbles Grey Random 3.JPG
Pebbles Grey Random 2.JPG

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Our professional team is conservation sensitive, and aggressively pursues environmentally friendly answers to landscapes challenges. We stand alone in garden renovation by incorporating water features, masonry, lighting, and quality plant material from our nursery. Simply put: we’ll transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

Recent Projects

Dover Road - Fire Seating  2017-09-26_18
Dover Road - Fire Seating  2017-09-26_18
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